TACTICA comes together like Maple Syrup and Vegemite.


Sounds disgusting, but a mix made in tactical heaven. Melding a collective experience of over 30 years from North America and Australia, our company is built on honesty and transparency that we felt the industry lacked. If you’re wanting stellar advice and someone you can have a beer with, keep reading.


Directors /Principal Planners


Robert Patrick


Robert has 18 years of experience in urban planning, land development, government relations and policy development. He is widely recognised as one of the top professionals in these fields and has helped his clients successfully manage high profile, contentious and sensitive issues related to the land development industry that involve intense public and media scrutiny.

Robert holds a Bachelor of Environmental Studies, Honours Co-op, Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Waterloo, and has accepted various awards and honours including:

The Daniel Burnham Award for a Comprehensive Plan from The American Planning Association.

Canadian Institute of Planners Award for Planning Excellence in the category of Re-Urbanisation.

The Gertler Award of Distinction from the Ontario Professional Planners Institute.

Robert holds the Registered Planner designation (RPIA) from the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA).


Tim Clairfayt

Director/Principal Planner

Tim is an experienced town planner, with 14 years industry experience in both private and public practice. His experience extends across 3 States (QLD, NSW and WA) and has a Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning from the University of New England.

Tim is approachable, known as a problem solver, innovator and is outcome driven. He has extensive development expertise focusing on a wide variety of projects types including (but not limited to):

· Subdivisions
· Residential developments
· Commercial developments
· Industrial developments
· Community developments
· Signage

Tim is passionate about improving the quality of both the natural and built environment, regardless of a project’s requirements or size.


Matthew Khoo

Director/Principal Planner


Matt graduated from Bond University with a Bachelor of Urban Design and Planning, whereby he has since worked successfully within the public and private planning sectors. Since 2017, Matt has been the active Director and leader of his own Town Planning consultancy (Scope Planning), whereby he has achieved a variety of planning approvals for extremely satisfied clientele.

Matt is an experienced Town Planner and prides himself on his strong communication skills and professionalism, which has ultimately shaped his career to obtaining numerous Development Approvals for (but not limited to):

· Various Major Projects
· Residential developments
· Commercial developments
· Industrial developments
· Subdivisions


 Associates & Staff

Emma Roberts
Admin & Accounts

Maraika Taylor
Senior Graphic Designer