Problem solvers to navigate you through the urban labyrinth of town planning and development.

Welcome to Tactica Planning & Development, town planning experts. Call us for a free quote. Quick Council approvals. We can quickly gauge prospects of success for your development proposal.

We provide advice and professional services to guide town planning, land development and investment decisions to work towards achieving attractive, liveable, sustainable communities.

Tactica’s guiding principles are sustainability,
innovation, inspiration, and balance.

Our vision is to provide only the highest quality town planning and development advice with transparent communication and professional problem solving.

With a rapidly changing urban landscape Tactica seeks to use innovative ways of conducting business to be more efficient and sustainable. We strive to ensure that all our planning and land development projects work towards improving our world for future generations. This includes our commitment to acting locally and thinking globally. As a close-knit group we can bring your project through to completion with our core team, or if necessary, through our partnerships with our network of firms throughout South East Queensland and North Eastern New South Wales.


We believe that towns and cities should be designed with intelligent systems, sustainable buildings, efficient infrastructure and a human touch.


Tactica can provide consultancy advice for individuals, businesses, governments and non-profits. Our core service areas are town planning, development application management and providing advisory services for sustainable development activity. Tactica can also provide customised solutions to our clients that enhance our core service areas with our affiliates in other project speciality areas (including engineering or architecture).

For a visual description of what we do listen to Robert, or please continue scrolling down to read about what we can help you with in terms of Town Planning and Development Management.

Practical, actionable town planning advice and services.

TACTICA provide practical, actionable town planning advice, usually to assist with the purchase and/or development of sites. This assistance is typically broken down into three categories.

Preparation and Lodgement of Development Applications

Preparing and lodging with Councils to secure development approvals. Typically this is accompanied by a town planning report to justify your proposal.

Assistance with Town Planning Compliance

Compliance juggling once the approval is received.

Providing Strategic Planning Advice

To inform on Council and State policy.

We are committed to providing high quality services, reflective of our strengths. We draw on our extensive experience and qualifications in urban and regional planning and development application management to provide services of the highest quality.

Tactica will prepare and present your development proposal to local Council and ensure that your best interests are represented. We will guide you through the development application process and keep you updated and informed about your proposal at every step along the way.

With our collective experience working with State and local governments, we provide the expertise you need to achieve your land development objectives.

If you have a property you would like advice on, holla at us.

Guidance through full cycle development process.

Tactica will guide you through the full cycle of the development process and provide advice and professional services to guide town planning, land development and investment decisions that will promote sustainable communities and feasible outcomes.

Site selection and acquisition

We can match our investor and developer clients’ search criteria to identify both on- and off-market properties, and then conduct due diligence and feasibility analysis on those sites to simplify the decision making process.


We can coordinate architectural services through our affiliates for the creation of your project, ensuring that your vision is realised.


We will work with your builders and civil works firms to keep your development project on track by providing timely and relevant town planning advice.


We can help you with the management of your assets following the completion of the development phase through our network of affiliates.

If you are thinking of developing a site you own, or need help acquiring a site, give us a call.